Sunday, May 2, 2010

40,000 More Images of the Built Environment Available at CU-Boulder

Great news from CU-Boulder's University Libraries!  With the purchase of 40,000 Archivision images and their immediate availability to our campus within ARTstor as Institutional Collections, the built-environment  materials available through CU-Digital Library collections have almost doubled.  In Art and Architecture librarian Meredith Kahn's words from her recent e-mail announcement:

"The University Libraries is proud to announce the purchase of 40,000 digital images of the built environment.  These high-quality images cover a range of geographic areas and time periods, and were shot by a professional architectural photographer from the firm Archivision, a major provider of architectural images.  Architecture, landscape architecture, gardens and parks, important historical sites, cityscapes, selected works of public art, and architectural drawings and plans are included in the collection."

While many were involved in this process, it was the hard work especially of Meredith Kahn and Lynn Lickteig, Director of the College of Architecture and Planning's Visual Resource Center, which made this happen.  Thank you, Meredith and Lynn!

The collections comprising the  CU-Digital Library offer many high quality images of architecture and other built works to members of the University of Colorado community.  Of particular note, the College of Architecture and Planning houses over 45,000 images of "contemporary and historical architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and related disciplines, including fine arts."  Their special Colorado Architecture collection, which is available to anyone in the world, provides "over 450 Colorado sites and structures, including those which are significant because they have received awards from professional design and planning associations or because they appear on state and national registers of historic places."

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