Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our New Home in the Visual Arts Complex!

The VRC is thrilled to report that we have finally finished our move and (mostly) finished unpacking in our new facilities in the brand new Visual Arts Complex (VAC) at the University of Colorado at Boulder!  The building is so new that it is still actually a construction site.  But the semester has begun, ready or not, and we are back in the blogging saddle.  Yeehaw! 
There will be a dedication ceremony for the VAC next September, by which time the new CU Art Museum will also be open and there will be landscaping and other finishing touches to help the place look more lived in. We are very excited to finally be home after many years of planning, packing, moving, living in a temporary location while the old building was demolished and the new VAC was constructed, packing again, and moving again.  Everyone in the department will be settling in for some time to come, but it's really great to see art production and scholarship happening right now in our new space.  You can see more pictures from the first two weeks of the semester on the VRC's Flickr Group page.

We are very happy with our new Visual Resources Center facilities.  We have ample space for our public scanning stations and a separate room with a service window for equipment checkout.  Soon we will be able to focus our attention on the large task of methodically going through the slide collection (400,000 slides) and, with our faculty's help, deciding which of the images should be set aside for scanning and which can be disposed of.  In time, we plan to use this room as a space for teaching workshops for members of the department.