Monday, January 30, 2012

What Happened to Google's Advanced Image Search?

A couple of people have remarked to me lately that they can no longer find Google's Advanced Image Search feature. Google is known for its clean design, and they have also been working toward a more consistent user experience across their various services. In keeping with these principles they recently simplified their image search interface.

Take heart; you can still get there from here. Go to the Image Search page and look for the gear icon in the upper right corner. VoilĂ ! All of the options are still there: Image size, aspect ratio, type of image, source of image, color in image, usage rights, file type, and region.

FOLLOW UP: Sigh... Not long after I posted this, Google tweaked the Image Search page once more. Now you must enter a search term first, then look for the gear icon. Clean design, yes, but not exactly intuitive.

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Bill Kearns said...

This is a terrible ui change, I lived in image search! I used the exact image size boxes daily for work. However awkward it is, I found that the query hook is still there excel icon if I type the parameter into the search box like this: "excel icon imagesize:24x24"