Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bulk Uploads and Downloads in Flickr

Do you wish you could upload and download images to and from your Flickr account more quickly?  Let me tell you about two tools that can make your life easier:

Flickr Uploader lets you upload images in batches, also giving you the opportunity to provide tags, titles, descriptions; select or create sets to include the photos in; and establish certain settings such as safety levels, content type, and who will see the photos.  Don't forget that free Flickr accounts are limited to 100 MB, whereas the annual subscription-based Flickr pro account permits an unlimited number of images in your account.

Bulkr is a third party tool that allows you to download images in batches.  You can easily create backups of all of your Flickr images.  Simply download the tool and launch it -- you will be asked to authenticate to your Flickr account and then grant permission to Bulkr to access your images.  Next, you can select your entire photostream, specific images, specific sets, or images marked as favorites.

You may also wish to use Bulkr to download images from other users who have authorized this under a Creative Commons license.  To do this, simply select the Flickr tab at the top of the Bulkr window.  Notice that you can search by keyword, and select Creative Commons under the License heading.  You can also search by individual users, groups, or explore by date the photos deemed "interesting" by Flickr.

Flickr Uploader and Bulkr are free tools, available for either Mac or Windows platforms.  I have used them both with success -- they are easy to download and use.

We'd like to hear from you if you are a fan of other Flickr tools.

Bulkr tip via Guiding Tech

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