Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Picasa Available for (Intel) Macs

Picasa, the popular tool from Google for editing, organizing, and sharing photos, is now available for Macs (Intel CPU, OS X 10.4.9+). You can download it for free here.

In addition to importing, editing, and organizing features, iPhoto can integrate and sync seamlessly with Picasa Web Albums, which allows you to easily share images over the Web privately or publicly. There are also tools for facial-recognition, collage-making, and adding text to your photos.

Many Mac users prefer the flexibility of Picasa over iPhoto; it allows you to keep your photos organized in their existing file structure on your computer. It is fast, and integrates well with the Mac OS. The interface can be customized and simplified to your preference. Picasa lets you to keep your images in iPhoto, but recognizes them and invites you to copy iPhoto images into the Picasa library for editing.

Google has created a short video tour of Picasa. Check it out:

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