Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Image Management Software

As personal digital image collections grow, the need for image management is key. Whether you are organizing your images for lectures, portfolios, job applications or grad school, a well-organized image collection makes the work much easier. There are quite a few image management software programs available for consumers, a selection of which appears below. Some of these programs offer simple image organization, while others offer more sophisticated image editing and database capabilities. Please explore the following links for more information.

For both Mac and PC platforms:
Microsoft Expression Media (formerly iView Media): $299
Photoshop Elements: $99.99
Photoshop Lightroom: $299
Extensis Portfolio: $199.95

For Mac platforms:
iPhoto (bundled with Mac OSX)
Qpict: Standard $35
Aperture: $199

For PC platforms:
Google's Picasa: free
Windows Media Center: bundled with Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate

Some free online options for image sharing and backup:
Picasa Web Albums

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